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Service Express is a fully mobile service and repair facility operating in and around the Redditch
area, with 6 fully equipped mobile workshops and a dedicated LOLER & weight testing facility. We
are able to carry out minor repairs to full MOT preparations without the need of costly journeys to
a workshop.

Having targetted this niche market, we have been able to demonstrate our flexibility to a number of customers with fleets ranging from one vehicle to 30 vehicles. This service also appeals to major franchise dealers, who have placed a number of vehicles with us in our operating area.

We, as a company, only target customers with the same ideals as ourseselves of maintaining vehicles to a standard that would pass an MOT / Roadside check at any given day during the year. Our customers then realise that their utilisation increases and MOT preparation just becomes a normal 6 weekly inspection.

We are also able to offer fixed service contracts which stabilise costs for budgetry control. This would enable customers to forecast monthly running costs.

We also help our customers with their administration requirements enabling them to focus on their daily operation.


Our Services

Mobile services

6 fully equiped mobile workshops which saves time and money [more]

Fixed Costs

enabling customers to forecast monthly running costs. [more]

MOT Preparation

Vehicle maintenance to ensure vehicles pass an MOT/ roadside check. [more]


we assist our customers enabling them to focus on their daily operations. [more]